The tax group of Chabrier Avocats SA advises its clients - individuals, companies, groups of companies, local and regional authorities – on minimizing their tax burdens within the limits of domestic Swiss and international tax laws.

Our field of expertise is Swiss and international taxation (tax treaties). Where a foreign tax issue arises for one of our clients, we do not seek to resolve it ourselves but prefer to entrust it to the tax expert selected from within our informal international network, who will have the skills with which to best handle it in the country concerned.

The forms of taxes to which our optimization measures apply are direct taxes (corporate income and capital taxes, income and wealth tax on private individuals) and indirect taxes (value added tax, investment withholding tax, stamp duties, customs duties, special consumption taxes, etc.).

The services that the Chabrier Avocats SA tax group provides in the tax area involve mainly:

  • Advice and planning in respect of VAT, VAT audits.
  • Tax optimization of the holding structures of Swiss or international groups of societies.
  • Tax advice and tax due diligence in the context of the acquisition or sale of companies or a groups of companies.
  • Tax planning on the restructuring of Swiss or international groups of companies (merger, split, transformation, transfer of participating interests, etc.).
  • Negotiating and obtaining special tax status for companies in Switzerland (for example: management company (société auxiliaire or société de base) status; holding company status). Negotiating tax agreements with the tax authorities.
  • Tax optimization of the acquisition, financing and operation of business aircraft and yachts.
  • Assistance to individuals wishing to transfer their tax residence from a foreign state to Switzerland (regardless of the Swiss canton concerned). This type of service also includes negotiating a private tax assessment with the cantonal tax authorities concerned and obtaining a Swiss residence permit.
  • Assistance to individuals residing in Switzerland intending to move abroad for tax purposes.
  • Tax restructuring of private assets and the fiscal aspects of estate planning.
  • Assistance and representation for individuals or businesses in tax litigation before administrative and judicial authorities in Switzerland, including administrative criminal law, assistance to individuals and companies faced with a request for international assistance in tax matters (exchange of information).
  • Legal opinions to local or regional authorities on the constitutionality and legality of a tax.
  • Customs procedures.


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