About Us

Who we are

We are an independent, fully integrated business law firm.

We cherish independence and ensure that in all circumstances we will act in your best interest and be by your side all the way , with no strings attached.

We believe full economic integration is key to the firm’s success as it aligns all partners and allows the pooling of extensive know-how, resources and networks of our lawyers to the benefit of our clients.

Being a firm at the service of the business community obliges us to have an in-depth knowledge of the industries in which we are active and requires, for each task assigned by a client, to constantly pay attention to the matters at stake and to never lose sight of our clients’ business objectives.

Our people are our most important resource and your most important asset. The firm’s lawyers are seasoned lawyers with an impeccable track record and a solid reputation in their field of expertise. While they have their own personality, they do have a common passion for law, an enthusiasm for what they do, an independent mind and a highly developed critical sense. Last but not least: they do not compromise on the core values at their workplace, starting with respect, integrity and accountability.

Who we serve

We assist a variety of client profiles, including international groups, decision makers, innovative businesses, entrepreneurs, investors, start-ups, top managers, financial institutions, asset managers, global brands. They can count on us for their daily activities as well as their strategic projects but also when the weather turns bad and they are in need of defense.

Our historical focus lies on five key industry sectors: commodities, luxury, banking, real estate and energy. We provide a large range of services for those industries, including transactional work, regulatory advice and assistance in civil and criminal proceedings.

We also regularly represent players in the entertainment business and the health and food industry.

How we work

How we work is key in achieving what we strive for: delivering hand-tailored, business-oriented solutions for our clients.

When we claim that we are your go-to-partner for your legal affairs, we mean it. Creating a partnership with our clients is the objective at Chabrier. It implies the difficult task of building a personal relationship based on trust and maintaining the right level of dedication, responsiveness and commitment throughout the relationship. To act as a partner also means adopting a constructive approach in connection with the client’s issues; rather than saying “no”, we help assessing the risks and building alternative options, allowing the client to take an informed decision or to choose a sound strategy.

The way we work internally also matters. We pay a lot of attention to the human factor and the working environment and try our best to make Chabrier a stimulating, pleasant and safe place to work in. Our work approach is further based on a few fundamental principles:

Pooling the vast know-how within the firm, sharing the multiple experiences among lawyers and placing it at your disposal whenever needed.

Adopting a holistic and interdisciplinary approach when considering the challenges of the clients. The complex issues a client faces rarely match the categories in which we, as lawyers, deal with in our daily life. We are trained to think beyond legal categories and consider the issues globally with all their legal ramifications.

Counting on a strong network of trusted law firms and experts globally, making it available to our clients for cross-border assignments or international deals and cases.

Using state-of-the-art technology, selecting proven professional tools available on the market and working closely with our clients on shared platforms to ensure optimal delivery of our services.