Chabrier opens in Zurich

Mon 01 Jul 2024


Chabrier has established itself as one of the prominent law firms in Geneva and is now pleased to announce the opening of its Zurich office. This expansion represents a significant milestone for the firm as it allows to set foot in the most dynamic legal market in Switzerland. The Zurich office will be home to two experienced lawyers: Daima Vuilleumier and Thierry Burnens. Daima, originally based in Geneva, moved to Zurich and has been promoted to Counsel. She will bring her expertise in M&A transactions and commercial contracts. Thierry will join the Zurich office as Counsel and will add new capabilities to Chabrier in the fields of technology, data protection and IP, where he has an outstanding track record.

"We are thrilled to announce the establishment of our new office in Zurich, a move that underscores our commitment to organic growth, and expanding our geographical reach to better serve our client base" said Manuel Bianchi della Porta, who, together with his partners Marc Gilliéron and Thomas Goossens, will oversee the Zurich venture.

The launch of the Zurich office represents an exciting chapter in Chabrier's journey, signaling a new era of growth and opportunity.