Practice Areas

Sanctions, Compliance & Enforcement


Our team has a very strong expertise and extensive track record in helping clients identifying and mitigating the compliance and business risks associated with Swiss and international sanctions and investigating and addressing potential violations. We assist clients with structuring their transactions, contracts and third-party relationships to comply with applicable sanctions/export controls laws and mitigate risks. We regularly assist clients with sanctions due diligence on a wide variety of commercial, corporate or financial transactions and with devising and implementing compliance programs and internal controls procedures. When a potential sanctions issue is identified, we can assist with investigation and remediation process and advise clients on their reporting obligations and exposure vis-a-vis enforcement authorities and regulators. Our firm also regularly represents clients before such enforcement authorities and regulators in the context of administrative, criminal or civil procedures.

Financial crime

Our team possesses a deep knowledge and experience in navigating the evolving landscape of anti-money laundering and anti-bribery regulations and practices, ensuring our clients remain compliant and resilient in the face of emerging threats. Our strengths lie in offering tailored solutions that span the entire spectrum of AML and anti-bribery concerns. From assisting businesses in designing and implementing compliance programs to advising on complex cross-border transactions with potential risk exposure, we provide comprehensive guidance to mitigate the vulnerabilities associated with financial crime. Our experience stretches from conducting thorough risk assessments and due diligence procedures, to representing clients before regulatory bodies, enforcement authorities, and courts in the context of criminal or administrative enforcement procedures.


  • Assisting Swiss and foreign banks, commodities traders, industrial conglomerates and designated companies and individuals in the context of the Swiss and international sanctions against Russia;
  • Assisting companies and individuals before Swiss federal administrative courts in relation to enforcement procedures initiated by Swiss authorities;
  • Advising and training multinational companies in relation to AML regulations and mechanisms;
  • Advising and training multinational trading companies in relation to anti-corruption (public and private) practices, prevention of fraud, etc.;
  • Advising and representing a sugar trading company in connection with alleged breaches of anti-money laundering regulation before the Swiss federal criminal court;
  • Training of financial service providers in the context of their regulatory duties;
  • Assisting an investment fund whose assets have been frozen in the context of international sanctions.


Until the war in Ukraine, Switzerland did not have a robust sanctions culture, but that quickly shifted after the invasion and Chabrier became the go-to Swiss firm for Swiss sanctions issues.(Legal500 EMEA 2024)